something new, something old, something personal

Topics: Amtrak, Hess Corporation, Love Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: September 14, 2014
 Ben Wellikoff

The item I picked for “something new” is my Hess Truck Collection. I have been collecting these trucks since I was five years old. They are made and sold once a year by Hess Gas Stations. Hess Gas Stations are on the East Coast. My Grandmother lives in Philadelphia and bought my first truck for me. The trucks are amazingly detailed. Each year is a really unique model with lots of intricate details. Some of the rare Hess Trucks are from the 1960's. I hope to find some of them someday.

For my “something Old” I chose my Marx Train. I have always enjoyed trains. Maybe that's because I have been taking the Amtrack train from Oregon to Philadelphia Pa. since I was born, sometimes twice a year. I love the history of trains and how they helped open the West. I love the motion on a long train ride (it rocks you to sleep). The views are great and so is the food! When you are on a train for a long time you make what my family calls “travel friends”. There are a lot of people on road trips across the country every day. The company that makes my train, the Marx company no longer exists which makes these trains a little rare. This engine was made in 1926.

I definetly would say that my dog Buddy is the most special thing to me besides my family. He is a Golden Retriever and he is eight years old. This breed has a reputation for being really friendly and he really is a good friend. If I am ever feeling down he helps me. He is a good listener.

Buddy has some Alpha dog behavior. He feels like he has to be in charge. Which can get him in trouble sometimes. Our vet told us some of his behavior is like a wolf-- very family/pack oriented and very protective. He is also a SLUG!! He loves to sleep on the couch. I'm glad I have him!
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