Something about Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine

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Compound fertilizer production line is complete sets of equipment of compound fertilizer granulation of compound fertilizer pelleting machine can realize automatic production, saves the manpower, small investment, short construction period. Combined with compound fertilizer industry profits, now state subsidies for agricultural chemical fertilizer industry exemption, so say good startup project. But do you hear compound fertilizer granulating machine?

Compound fertilizer granulation equipment is the production of compound fertilizer granulator, generally refers to the compound fertilizer of roll extrusion pelleting machine, granulating disc or drum granulator, such as the production of compound fertilizer granulator manufacturer has a lot of, chang wei heavy industry is very good, compound fertilizer granulation equipment price is reasonable, equipment quality and after-sale guarantee.

A new generation of multi-function of roll extrusion granulator is also called compound fertilizer granulating machine, the raw material without any additives, powder can be directly packed suppressing granule;The intensity of particles and particle size of compound fertilizer granulator can be adjusted, by adjusting the distance of the roller and change the strength of roller to control the product particle size; And compound fertilizer granulator for roller friction coefficient is small, circulating operation, continuous production. In the production of finished product yield high, low temperature, without drying technology, normal temperature granulation, a forming; Compound fertilizer pelleting machine form a complete set of equipment, rational layout, advanced technology, low energy consumption, green pollution-free; Chang wei heavy industry of a new generation of pelleting machine powerful, material to adapt to wide, covering the metallurgy, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, rare earth and other industries, is worthy of the name.

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