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Someone Who Has Had Influenced My in My Life.

By ynygalz Mar 22, 2013 282 Words
There are many things which influence on me and there are many people who give me lessons, smiling and sadness. The person who has influenced me the most is my mother, but today, I will not write about her but my best friend who is being with me after my mother. We have been friends for more than 10 years. We are in the same class during primary school but when we entered secondary school, we got separated. Since then I became very lazy and cannot focus in studies. I got bad result during my form3 test and when she knew it, she helps me to do revision everyday during form4 and form5 but it is too late. I got only 5A’s in my spm and I am unable to get into the Poly I want which is NYP. The only way to study in Singapore is –STPM, so I got into form6. One week later, she joined form6 too as she felt that form6 is more challenging. Fortunately we got into same class and we became deskmate, she taught me and guided me during every lesson. We used to go to library every day after school and attend tuition class. Hard works pay off, when I got my results, I felt so happy although it is not the best, but is more than I expect. I really thanks my best friend as she helps me a lot and influences me a lot, she was satisfied with her results too and we are now applying every university we wish to get. Although the chance we got it is small but “never try never know”, that is what my mom told me.

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