Some Where Over the Rainbow: Song Review

Topics: Music, Singing, Vocal range Pages: 1 (664 words) Published: October 28, 2014

“Some Where Over the Rainbow” is truly an inspirational and moving song. It was originally sung by Judy Garland and been has covered by several other musicians and singers. However, I felt the best cover was sang by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. He took the original song that was sung as a ballad and gave it a new twist, without even changing many of the lyrics. I believe Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is better than Judy garland’s because his vocals, timbre of his instrument, and lastly the tempo at which the song was done were better performed. Both Garland and Kamakawiwo’ole were great singers, they both sang with strong and powerful voices, but Garland does not have the passion in which Kamakawiwo’ole had. Garland seemed to be singing a Hollywood show tune while, Kamakawiwo’ole was just singing with his love of Hawaiian folk music. Kamakawiwo’ole infuses into this song the beautiful humming of “Ooo ooo ooo” which adds a very relaxed feeling, almost as if you were in a dream. Sure, both singers’ lyrics portray the idea of dreaming or place beyond their own, but Kamakawiwo’ole conveys this dream to us through his humming. People typically hum when they are happy or to comfort themselves and this humming portrays the thought of dreams coming true. Although, Garland’s version has music playing when Kamakawiwo’ole would be humming, the music doesn’t match the dreamy essence in which the humming of “Ooo ooo ooo” creates. Kamakawiwo’ole voice has a sweet tenor to it, which is greatly accompanied by the sound of a ukulele. The timbre is very different in both songs, the timbre in Kamakawiwo’ole shows the song’s simplicity and brightness, while the timbre in Garlands makes the song much more complex. Kamakawiwo’ole playing of the ukulele throughout the entirety of the song along with his beautiful voice seems to be enough. Garland has many instruments including piano, reeds, and harp all playing, thus distracting the listener from the...
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