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Some problems and solutions caused by pollution in the world

By Raíssa-Rainha Nov 15, 2013 408 Words
 Some problems and solutions caused by pollution in the world The environment has become victim of several damages by people who commit irreversible crimes against the world such as polluting the land, water and air that are inexhaustible sources. In addition, there is a range of possibilities to try to perennially reduce or stop these harms. Currently, the problem with destination of garbage has increased each day due the fact that a large number of people who produce rubbish without recycling. Moreover, this garbage can be thrown in the river by impolite people; consequently it will be dirty and pollute, so this litter can reach the sea and groundwater. Alternatively, they can be accidentally or purposely burnt which generate toxic fumes that infect the atmosphere and can lead to respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. However, people can decrease these problems recycling which separates and reuses all raw materials from waste. Another solution would be if everyone separates the garbage between organic, recyclable and no recyclable. Moreover, the deforestation by fire is another great villain of the air because the burning forest emits toxic gases. Apart from this, it destroys the vast diversity of specimens of animals and plants of the jungle because they are burnt or lose their dwelling. Furthermore, it cause the impoverishment or until erosion in the soil that lose the nutrients from vegetation. Nevertheless, some attitudes can be taken to avoid this destruction; for example the government should raise the fine of people who begin the burnt in jungles. Also, it can be avoided that people smoke, do bonfire, use of fireworks in the forests. In addition, industries have spread the pollution in different areas. They emit a thousand of toxic gases, which mix with the air influencing in the hole in the ozone layer, by chimney. Moreover, they can lead an acid rain which contaminates the land and water. Besides that they throw toxic garbage in rivers or other inappropriate places that pollute the water. In contrast, they can use filters to select substances that leave from chimney, and they can change toxic chemical substances used to everything. Therefore, there are many types of pollution as they were cited, but there are a lot of ways to avoid or decrease the dirt on the earth planet, which some are easy and other are not. However, if everyone wants to change this reality, they can begin with simple action inside of their houses.

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