Some of the Qualities of a Good Parent

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: April 30, 2013
A family is said to be the first cradle in a child’s life. He can learn many things from his own family, especially from his parents. Indeed, parents play an essential role in growing all biological, social, psychological dimensions. Therefore, a parent should have love, care and understanding. In addition to these qualities, he ought to set good examples to children. The first quality parent should have is love and care for their children. It is very important for parent to provide physical care to fulfill the biological needs of child, such as proper food, optimal environment, protection, etc. My mother has devoted all her life to take care us and has showed how much she loves us. As a result, we have a safe, nurturing and supportive environment even though my father died long times ago. Another quality is his understanding. In fact, parents should take time out of their busy week to listen and have fun with their children to know and share with their feelings, joys and sadness. By this way, they can help their children solve the problems by their own experience. When my friend was in difficulty in adapting to new school, her parents went with her trouble and do many useful for her favor. The last one is setting good examples. Beside rearing to bring children up and supporting their psychological growth, parents must become role model by gentle and polite behavior. They should control their temper and show their children how to face with both right and wrong something to form social emotional skills. take my niece is an example. Her father is gentleman. He never shouts loudly even when he is angry. As a result, his daughter can establish this character, she rarely says anything angrily. In short, three above - mentioned qualities that whoever has is a good parent indeed. Playing important role in forming and growing the children who are the backbone of the country in the future, parents should try to complete what are their duties: loving, taking good...
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