Some Like It Hot Movie Critique

Topics: Film, Acting, Actor Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: January 16, 2007
Some Like It Hot is a very funny movie. The film uses many ways to make the audience laugh, but mainly the film creates a situation where normal people would not encounter. Such as the two musicians dress up like women and join an all girl band. To make this funny, Joe and Jerry become very unattractive as women and try to act like women, but fails horribly. Another example is that Osgood fells in love with ¡°Daphne¡±, which the audience knows that it¡¯s Jerry. The act of Osgood pursuing Jerry makes the audience laugh. Yet another example is when Joe as a millionaire trying to get Sugar to sleep with him, he makes up a ridiculous story where he cannot fall in love. What makes this funny is that the story would normally do nothing to normal people, but actually works on Sugar. Also, the film uses people acting stupid to be funny, such as how Jerry laughs. Jerry¡¯s laugh is at first funny, but later become obnoxious.

These stereotypes also post question on the traditional values of the 1950¡±s, such as Osgood falls in love with Jerry but in the end Osgood does not care that Jerry is a man. This gives the idea that homosexuality is okay, and as long as two people are happy with each other, they can be together. Similarly, Sugar goes with Joe in the end despite that Joe is not a millionaire, shows that people should find a person that they love, not a person that is rich.

Some Like It Hot is one of the funniest movies I have ever scene. Even though some things in the movie I find irritating, I would still recommend it.
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