Some Lessons from the Assembly Line

Topics: Trade union, Employment, Working class / Pages: 1 (330 words) / Published: Feb 18th, 2009
Some Lessons from the Assembly Line First Paragraph summary The author, Andrew Braaksma let his reader know he work for a car manufacturer in an automotive plant in southwest Michigan last June. Second Paragraph summary Andrew have been a blue-collar worker every summer break for three years. In this second paragraph, he describes what kind of work he does in the car manufacturer like: stamping, welding, moving or assembling parts. He has to do a lot of hard work compare with the day he went to college. Third Paragraph summary There are two reasons why the author chooses this blue-collar job. First reason, he can make more money in this job because there is overtime pay. Second reason, he wants to safes money by live at home because living on campus is expensive in the summer. Fourth Paragraph summary Andrew talks about how he works in a plastics factory during his summer break from school, the job was really frustrated. He also mentions how little his pay check after long hour of work every day. It also very stressful for the blue collar workers know your job could disappear overnight for many reasons. Fifth paragraph summary The author perfectly highlights the reason why it so important for him to try to increase the opportunities for him to go to college and just as importantly for him who do have the opportunity, to make the most of it. His statement in the last sentence of this paragraph “All the advice and public service announcements about the value of an education that used to sound trite now ring true.” Sixth and seven paragraph summary Braaksma learn many good things out of his summer jobs. He feels lucky how he is to get an education, how to work hard, how easy it is to lose his job. His summer jobs had inspired him to study hard in his college years so you can get ready to enter the real

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