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Topics: Pizza Hut, A Great Way to Care, Fast food Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1.Pizza Hut is one of the fast food chains that has been focusing on its hot and delicious meals delivered right on time. With its main goal of providing the best pizza at a timely or even earlier delivery, this ad strengthens the idea. 2.Great print ads can depict a number of things, including the slogan of a well-known company. Sony's PlayStation slogan reads: "Live in your world, play in ours", something that this combination of the famous Hollywood hill sign and PlayStation buttons conveys effectively. 3.One of the leading camera manufacturers in the world, this Nikon ad boasts the fact that it can detect up to 12 human faces even if the human eye is unable. Creepy and kind of funny at the same time, this print ad truly does get its point across. 4.A good print ad sometimes has the ability to shock viewers while conveying its message. A meat cleaver made of Play-Doh is pretty creepy, but the message is 'safe no matter what you make'. After the initial shock of the image, the message turns out to be exceedingly clever. 5.Some of the most famous print ads depict an image or situation that nearly everyone can relate to. Fraich Frites has created a scene of the assault on our cheeks at the hands of grandma. If only you could have grannie's cooking without granny. Well, with this product, now you can. 6.Some of the best print ads of 2012-2013 are beautiful in their simplicity. Illustrating the difficulty of acquiring a certain item or service is a great way to persuade individuals to choose certain easier methods. Craving sushi? You can either fish for it or simply contact
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