Solving Problems and Making Decisions

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October 2012

Background of the organization
Description of the problem
Analysis of the problem
Resolution of the problem
Implementation and communication of the solution

I work for, which is the largest YMCA in Europe. We are a registered charity working in many diverse areas including supported housing, health & fitness, senior programme, childcare, youth work and restaurants for residents and for the public.

My job title is ‘Hostel Manager’ based at YMCA, in the London borough of . I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the hostel, including maintaining maximum occupancy, resident admission, management of residents, finances, maintenance issues, responsible for housekeeping staff, liaising with outside contractors and any health & safety issues that comply with regulations.

At YMCA, there are 27 bedrooms (9 large rooms + 18 standard rooms) primarily for students and workers on low income. It is a non-supportive YMCA with no support workers in the building. We are situated in zone 2 on the district line. Rent per week is £159.00 for larger rooms and £149.50 for standard rooms. YMCA is a self-catering hostel, where residents share kitchens and bathrooms. Residents have single rooms with their own front door key and there is no curfew, they are allowed to have over night guests. The hostel has three residential floors with a bathroom and kitchen on each floor. There is a common room that is open 24 hours with television, games and books. There is a washing machine and a dryer, which is included in the rent. Residents at Parsons Green YMCA have free gym membership at Wimbledon YMCA with reduced prices for use of gym and classes.

YMCA was founded in 1844 by George Williams; he was a worker in the drapery trade in London. He was concerned about the welfare of his fellow workers and he started a prayer and bible study group and grew from there.

Today, YMCA has over 45 million members in 119 countries worldwide. Since it was established, the YMCA has adapted to the changing needs of young people helping them to build a future regardless of race, religion or culture.

Below is YMCA Staff Organisation Chart to show where I am positioned in the organisation.


There are 6 Stages of Problem Solving:

I would use the steps in the chart above in helping me to solve and analyse the problem and help me make decisions we have at YMCA.

Problem – One large room that is not used often by residents

There is a large communal room on the ground floor at Parsons Green YMCA, which is hardly used. The room is open for all residents to use for meetings, social events, and watch television or to simply relax.

However, residents do not use this room very often, one resident out of twenty-seven uses the room most nights between 7pm and 10.30pm to watch television. Also, the communal room is also used twice a year for the Residents Forum in which maximum 4 residents attend; this could easily be moved into one of the communal kitchens.

In truth, the room is empty the majority of time, as typically, social activities that the room was designed for, are carried out in their bedrooms, kitchens or outside.

If plans did go-ahead to change the use of the room the residents would lose the room for their personal use but it would be good to utilise this space for which the community is in need of and to bring extra revenue for the YMCA. Even though the room cost very little to run (apart from heating, lights and television), it would be great to utilise this space to bring more revenue into the YMCA. For example office rental in this area is approximately £650 - £850 per month.

Currently, the room consists of:
* 1 television
* 1 Sofa
* 4 Tables and 8 chairs
* Books and puzzles

Also, in the corner of the room is situated the electric and hot water cupboard....
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