Solving Environmental Problems

Topics: Environment, Environmentalism, Pollution Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: August 28, 2013
SOLVING ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS Performance Standard (16EUS/17B).C Draw a picture of an environmental problem in the community and a picture of a possible solution(s) and write a short explanation of the importance of the solution(s) for the community: • Knowledge: identify a community environmental problem and possible solutions; • Comprehension: analyze the connection between the problem and the solutions and the importance of it to the local community; and • Communication: draw a picture that is well-organized well-focused, and well-detailed; express all ideas in a way that provides evidence of knowledge and reasoning processes. Procedures 1. In order to understand Illinois, United States, and world environmental history (16EU), and analyze and explain characteristics and interactions of the Earth’s physical systems (17B), students should experience sufficient learning opportunities to develop the following: • Analyze a graph or chart containing data that shows changes in aspects of the physical environment over time, and • Identify examples in the local community of ways in which the physical environment is harmed by human activities. 2. Have students review and discuss the following assessment task and how the rubric will be used to evaluate their work. 3. Show sample graphs, maps and charts concerning environmental changes that are harming the earth and its people today (i.e., forest destruction, ozone depletion, greenhouse effect, waste pollution, water pollution, acid rain, habitat destruction). Have students analyze the graphs, maps and charts looking at the causes of the problems and possible solutions. 4. Discuss with students the causes and solutions and list the students’ responses. 5. Discuss environmental problems in the community and make a list of students’ responses. 6. Have students divide a 11x17 drawing paper into quarters. 7. Have the students choose an environmental problem that affects the community today and one that affects the whole...
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