Solutions Creation Model

Topics: Marketing, Agile software development, Software development process Pages: 29 (8428 words) Published: April 2, 2013
July 2011

Solutions Marketing –
Defining the Solutions Creation Process

Presented by:
Sumit Sood
MBA Student - 2011
Hult International Business School
Boston, MA

Table of Contents
1. Objective

2. Scope

3. Methodology

4. Differentiating Products, Services and Solutions Marketing 4.1. Solutions
4.2. Products
4.3. Services

5. Identifying the differences
5.1. Solutions Marketing is significantly more complex
5.2. Solutions Marketing requires different skill sets
5.3. Solutions Marketing requires different go-to-market strategies 5.4. Solutions Marketing is highly customized

6. Product Development Process
6.1. Stage Gate Process
6.2. Agile Process
6.3. Waterfall
6.4. Differences between methodologies

7. Why Solutions Marketing needs a different approach?

8. Differences between Solutions and Product Marketing

9. Solutions Marketing: From the lens of Industry Experts 9.1. Case Study 1: Avaya

10. Solutions creation process: Proposed Model
10.1. Advantages of Solutions Blocks Model

11. Threats to Solutions Blocks Model

12. Conclusion



To study commonalities in the solutions creation process, amongst technology focused organizations and suggest a “Standardized Solutions Creation Process” that any organization wanting to offer a solution could replicate and build upon and by doing so articulate the differences between the product, services and the solutions development process. 2. SCOPE :

The scope of this study encompasses the technology intensive organizations (IT and Financial Services) and primarily focused on organizations which are already offering solutions. These organizations for the sake of differentiation and scope have been segregated into 2 segments 1. Small Players - < 500 employees

2. Large Players - > 500 employees
A complete list of organizations studied is available in Appendix A It is important to mention here that the focus of this study has been restricted to Solutions offered by the organizations along with necessary comparison with product based marketing and the key takeaways (difference between Solutions and Product based marketing). This study neither illustrates the capabilities nor recommends any organizations solutions creation process over another’s. 3. METHODOLOGY :

The study has been conducted via both Primary and Secondary research. * Primary Research –
* Interview with Craig Haskins – Managing Director, Services, Avaya Inc. * XTony Viola – Patni
* Jeff Sands – ITSMA

* Secondary Research –
* Internet based – Google, Wikipedia etc.
* Company Websites
* ITSMA and related content (part of Solutions Marketing course at Hult IBS) * Books, Published Articles etc.
* Groups based on professional sites like Linked In.
* Peer discussions

* a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation 1 * a bringing or coming to an end or into a state of discontinuity 2 Definition in B-2-B Context for technology-based companies:

* A solution is a combination of products and/or services with intellectual capital, focused on a particular customer problem, which drives measureable business value for customers. 3 Solutions Marketing:

The process, by which a solution is assessed, customized to fit a customers need and delivered, encompassing the tenets of both the traditional product and services marketing along with a unique positioning and value proposition that adds measurable value to customer. 4.2. PRODUCT

* an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale 4 * the number or expression resulting from the multiplication together of two or more numbers or expressions 5 Definition in B-2-B Context:

* An item that ideally...
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