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Topics: Statistics, Computer program, Data Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Homework #2 of IM5803701 – Data Mining and Applications, Spring 2012 Classification Data Mining Experiment, 100% Due date is on 5/1 9:30 AM by submitting on blackboard Guideline This homework is an “individual” data mining experiment. Plagiary is definitely not allowed. If any classmate or other person helps you on doing this homework, you need to specify who and which portion you got help from. You credit will be given to the helper (it is fair, right). The helper should also mention who get your assistant on this homework. Zero point will be given if your homework is found to be the same with others without any mention. You are required to use computer language (C, C++, or Java) or computer software (matlab or Weka) to do the data mining experiment and analysis. Other software or language is allowed based on the approval of the instructor. You need to specify which software or program you are using for this homework. If you use other person’s program or any program downloaded from internet, you need to address where you get it, and who is the author. If you decide to write your own program, please submit your source code. Extra credit will be given if you write your own program on any portion of this homework. No matter which kind of method you choose for this homework, you need to be careful on adjusting the parameter, if there is. Please do an experiment on how to obtain the better parameters and write down you analysis on this homework. You need to submit your homework written by MS Word through blackboard system. The homework should not longer than 10-page limit (source code should put in the appendix). No late homework is allowed! I. Congressional Voting Records (50%) Go to the UCI Machine Learning Repository to download the “Congressional Voting Records Data Set” or download house-votes-84.csv file from blackboard. Then, chose at least two different classification methods (decision tree,...
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