solitary reaper

Topics: Bird, Cuckoo, Nightingale Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: October 13, 2013
While passing through a mountain pass in the highlands,Wordsworth saw a young girl in a field.She was working all alone.She was cutting and binding the crops into sheaves .She was singing a sad song.Her song was echoing in the whole valley and could be heard even beyond it.The poet did not disturb the girl lest she could cease singing. The song of the girl was really very sweet and charming.The poet thought that her song was sweeter than the song of the nightingale.Though the notes of the nightingale must appear very charming to the tired travellers as they rest under a tree in an oasis after their journey in the deserts of Arabia.Then he though that people must be filled with joy and excitement to hear the shrill notes of the cuckoo bird in the islands of Hebrides.But the song of the nightingale and the cuckoo was less sweet than that the song of this highland lass. The poet did not know the dialect in which the girl was singing.But he was eager to know what the girl was singing about .There was no one around to assist him.So he made all sorts of guesses.He thought of the eventful past of Scotland.Perhaps she was singing about the battles fought and lost by her people in the past or some misfortune which fell on her people in the past.The poet tried to read yet another meaning in her song.He thought that it might be about some natural sorrow,loss or pain that comes again and again.He even thought that it might be about some known problems of day to day life. Inspite of all his guesses the poet failed to understand what exactly the girl was singing about.But her song had no ending.The poet was so deeply affected by her sad song that he stood motionless and still.He listened to it for a long time.Then,he climbed up the hill and went his way.Though he could no longer hear the song,he carried the music in his heart.
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