Solidarity: Sociology and Everyday Life Interactions

Topics: Sociology, Scuba diving, Underwater diving Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Solidarity can be achieved in everyday life interactions where groups share some common attribute- for instance, attendance at the same math club, work in the same field, membership in a gang, etc. Hudson (1996:122) states that a solidarity concerns with the social distance between how much experience they have shared, how many social characteristics they share, how far they are prepared to share intimacies, and other factors. ‘Language is a passport to a culture’ which slang is the liveliest part of a language. Understanding of solidarity is a great visual through which to know the authentic life of the members in that culture. Slang expressions often shows attitudes and values of group members and contributes to a sense of group identity and may carry to the listener information about the speaker’s background. This kind of group identity could create confusion or misunderstanding among others outside the group. For example, in a scuba diving gang; using secret words is common just to make the conversation more fun, when asking a member when is the next trip, we would say, “ When are you going to Gull?” The reason for this is because Gull is a very popular Japanese scuba diving gear at the moment. Or when saying, “I am so ben” instead of “I am so dizzy”, this is because “ben” is short for 'the bends' or Decompression Sickness. Slang can also serve to spice up conversations with these members. The solidarity relationship is the first to be introduced here because it is probably the most important of all social relationships, at least as far as language is concerned. In addition, the importance in the study of slangs and its users is how it provides a dynamic matrix through language transformation. For instance, teenagers from the US might say, “I’m a bit tipsy” rather than “I’m a bit drunk” nowadays. All in all, this shows how the understanding of solidarity is essential as of language. It is inseparable to language innovations through how the action of the...
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