Solid Waste Management

Topics: Waste management, Waste, Waste-to-energy Pages: 22 (7284 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Sámuel mikoviny Doctoral School of earth ScienceS head of the Doctoral School: Dr.h.c.mult. Dr. kovács ferenc

Efficiency and System Approach in Communal Solid Waste Management Theses of Doctoral Dissertation
research location: university of miskolc faculty of earth Science & engineering institute of Process engineering Prof. Dr. csőke Barnabás head of the institution, university Professor Dr. Bokányi ljudmilla associate university Professor

Scientific leaders:

Kiss Tibor chartered mining engineer chartered and Specialised environmental engineer engineer Specialised in economics 2007.

Kiss Tibor: Efficiency and System Approach in Communal Solid Waste Management

my ideas about obtaining a scientific degree after graduation date back a long time ago. in 1998, when i worked at the mecsek ore mining company, i submitted a research topic of related to mining, and it was accepted by the doctoral council of the university at that time. Soon the situation changed, i started to work at other fields, first as an official in charge of environmental issues at the local Government of the city of Pécs, then in 1994 i became the head of the local Public cleaning company under reorganisation. it was the time when new environmental standards were introduced in hungary in line with our accession to the european union, requiring more serious professional competences. as in the field concerned, there was no serious professional background in hungary, in many cases i had to rely on my experiences and knowledge i obtained in the course of the mining engineering and environmental trainings, with a special regard to the institution where i had learnt all that, the mineral Preparation and mine cultivation Department of the faculty of mining engineering. it was the time when we organised study trips in order to learn about the establishment of selective waste collection system started in hungary in 1996. We actually designed on the site the systems and facilities still in operation, and they serve as best practice i respect of today’s developments. at that time we had neither experiences nor time to control our ideas, however they have been verified in practice thereon, as the systems we have built – as pioneers in hungary – still operate effectively and efficiently in line with their planned capacity. Based on the above experiences, ten years ago i decided within the new circumstances to restart my work aimed at obtaining a scientific degree in the field of waste management. That was the time of hungary’s accession to the eu, and due to hungary’s commitments towards the eu and the grants available, waste management has become a separate sector of the industry. This might have been the reason of my research work becoming more and more complicated and complex, as my objective was not only to examine a specific field, but to explore – as indicated in the title of thesis – technical, economic and legal interrelations, as well as to put forward development proposals. i hope that this goal of mine has been reached according to the readers of my work, too. finally, i wish to express my thanks to the colleagues working at the faculty 2

Kiss Tibor: Efficiency and System Approach in Communal Solid Waste Management

of technical Geosciences of the miskolc university, especially to my thematic leaders and my colleagues and friends whose support and positive attitude contributed greatly to writing this thesis work.

Background of the Research and Objectives
as a result of accelerated socio-economic changes, both the developed and the developing societies have to face several new challenges in the form of local and global problems. in particular, the management and the decontamination of waste are tasks that require more attention and resources due to the consumptionoriented lifestyle. until the early 90’s, the regulations in force allowed for performing waste management services with simple means and technologies, therefore...
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