Solid Waste Management

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Chapter I
The Philippines is a country of 85 million people and encompasses 7,107 islands, though only about 2,000 islands are currently inhabited. With a rapidly growing population and lack of adequate disposal sites, solid waste has become a major problem for most medium to large – size cities. When Philippine President Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo took office in January 2001, the first act she signed into law dealt with solid waste management systems have posed serious health risk particularly in densely populated areas. In Manila, for example, the closure of the largest disposal site in 2000 combined with inadequate capacity at other sites resulted in the disposal of tons of waste along city streets, empty lots, and in the waterways and bays in and around the city. Scavenging for recyclable material at open dumps is very common throughout many parts of the Philippines.

Solid waste in small island communities is managed primarily through open dumping and open burning. In some progressive communities, composting, recycling, and resource recovery operations have been implemented. In the more remote areas of the country, solid waste is managed at the household level since there is so community – wide collection and disposal services. This study tends to assess the Solid Waste Management of the community in Imus Institute. It also tends to determine which practice is the most commonly done by the people in Imus institute as for the students and employees of the said community.

Statement of the Problem
This study is focused on assessing the Solid Waste Management of the community in Imus Institute. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1.) What are the profiles of the respondents in terms of: a.) Gender

b.) Status in Imus Institute
2.) What are the practices of the respondents in managing their solid waste in Imus institute in terms of: a. Garbage Disposal
b. Garbage Composting
c. Garbage Segregation
d. Garbage Recycling
e. Garbage Combustion
3.) What are the common problems of the respondents in terms of: a. Lack of trash bins
b. Improper place of trash cans
c. Improper disposal of garbag
d. Delayed collection of garbage

Significance of the Study
The process of solid waste management is very evident nowadays. Government passed laws and suggested different ways to reduce waste products of the people. Some researchers also find solutions concerning solid waste disposal. The result of this study would benefit the following people: Students

The findings of the study will help the students to reduce biodegradable and non-biodegradable in the school and their community by leaning different waste how to management waste products. School

The study aids to lessen the amount of solid waste generated in the school canteens and surroundings. And also provide learning from the employees concerning solid waste management. Household Residents

The study will inform the members of the household that they can also help decrease the waste and help the environment. Future Researchers
The result of the study may provide future researchers with relevant information related to their study.

Scope and Limitations
The study aims to determine the solid waste management practice in Imus Institute. There are fifty (50) respondents chosen. The study used Descriptive survey method. The instrument used in the study is the researcher – made survey questionnaire. The study will be conducted within the month of August of 2011. The study is limited in determining the kind of Solid Waste Management employed in the community in Imus Institute.

Chapter II
This chapter presents the previous researches and studies on solid waste management practices. It also presents a brief description of related literature and studies foreign and local, synthesis, research paradigm, and the...
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