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solid waste attenuation method indigenously

By nilling_jack_123 Mar 26, 2014 572 Words
Current Status of Municipal Solis Waste Management in
Itanagar Capital Complex


Vehicles used for transportation of wastes shall be covered. Waste should not be visible to public, nor exposed to open environment. Manual handling of waste shall be prohibited.
If unavoidable due to constraints, manual handling shall be carried out under proper precaution with due care for safety of workers.
 Transportation vehicles shall be so designed that multiple handling of wastes, prior to final disposal, is avoided.  The biodegradable wastes shall be processed by composting, vermicomposting, anaerobic digestion or any other appropriate biological processing for stabilization of wastes.  Mixed waste containing recoverable resources shall follow the route of recycling.  Incineration with or without energy recovery can also be used for processing wastes in specific cases.  Land filling shall be restricted to non-biodegradable, inert waste and other waste that are not suitable either for recycling or for biological processing.

 Land filling shall also be carried out for residues of waste processing facilities as well as pre-processing rejects from waste processing facilities.
 Land filling of mixed waste shall be avoided unless the same is found unsuitable for waste processing. Ms. Hage Anka (M. Tech. Env. Engg.)

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 Storage facilities shall be created and established by taking into account quantities of waste generation in a given area and the population densities.
 Storage facility shall be so placed that it is accessible to users;  Storage facilities shall be so designed that wastes stored are not exposed to open atmosphere and shall be aesthetically acceptable and user-friendly;

 Storage facilities or ‘bins’ shall have ‘easy to operate’ design for handling, transfer and transportation of waste.  Bins for storage of bio-degradable wastes shall be painted green, those for storage of recyclable wastes shall be printed white and those for storage of other wastes shall be printed black;  The storage facilities shall be daily attended for clearing of wastes.  The bins or containers shall be cleaned before they start overflowing;


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 In order to encourage the citizens, municipal authority shall organise awareness programmes for segregation of wastes and shall promote recycling or reuse of segregated materials.  The municipal authority shall undertake phased programme to ensure community participation in waste segregation. For this purpose, regular meetings at quarterly intervals shall be arranged by the municipal authorities with representatives of local resident welfare associations and non-governmental organizations.



Compliance Criteria as per MSW (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000  Organising house-to-house collection: community bin collection (central bin), house-to-house collection, collection on regular pre-informed timings and scheduling by using bell ringing of musical vehicle.  Collection of waste from slums and squatter areas or localities including hotels, restaurants, office complexes and commercial areas;

 Wastes from slaughter houses, meat and fish markets, fruits and vegetable markets, which are biodegradable in nature, shall be managed to make use of such wastes;
 Bio-medical wastes and industrial wastes shall not be mixed with municipal solid wastes and such wastes shall follow the rules separately specified for the purpose;
 Horticultural and construction or demolition wastes or debris shall be separately collected and disposed off following proper norms.
 Wastes generated at dairies shall be regulated in accordance with the State laws;  Waste (garbage, dry leaves) shall not be burnt;
 Stray animals shall not be allowed to move around waste storage facilities.



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