solid state drives

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Solid-State Drives

Solid-state drives have been making a huge presence and allowed for huge transformation in personal/mobile and high speed computing. But not only are they making a presence in mobile computing they are even finding them selves useful in camcorders. Now before solid-state drives came around choosing a storage device for your PC did not require much thought a person would just buy one with the most storage capacity they needed or could afford. However solid-state drives have changed that along with hybrid drives that mix standard hard drives with solid-state memory. Cai Wei from Northeastern University says “The advent of the NAND-flash based solid-state storage device (SSD) is certain to represent a sea change in the architecture of computer storage subsystems.”(4)

Solid State Drives are not actually drives at all since it actually has no moving parts unlike the traditional hard drives which have pretty well remained the same as far as the process of reading and writing data go. This is a big reason solid-state drives have been making there presents in the mobile industry. Because it has no moving parts your device doesn’t get hot so you don't need a fan to cool your device down which also means that your device will be much more quieter and lighter. Also because it has no moving parts solid-state drives aren’t vulnerable to damage from vibrations or rough movement. For example if you were to trip and fall with your laptop using a hard disk drive more than likely you are going to corrupt your data. But if you were using a solid-state drive you wouldn’t have because it cant skip a beat because there are no moving parts. Oliver Powell says “Both HDD and SSD are designed to fight well against failure but SSD can operate more efficiently in harsher environment without failing where HDD does fail.”(1)

Solid-State Drives

Now on the other hand there are some disadvantages such as less storage capacity...

References: Oliver Powell-published july 18th 2012 in DPREVIEW.
Cai Wei A Thesis Presented


Cai Wei -December,2012 Thesis paper forThe Department of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in the field of Computer Engineering Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts.
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