Soledad in relation to the American dream

Topics: Great Depression, United States, Fiction Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: January 27, 2015
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Vincent Hamond
Explore the significance of the Soledad setting in relation to Steinbeck’s message about the American dream. The novel ‘Of mice and men’ is set in the 1930’s this was when the great depression had begun. Many people became unemployed due to the Wall Street crash and a huge drought which had caused a huge part of America’s food info structure to collapse leaving farmers without a source of income. The two main characters in the Novel are migrant workers who go from state to state in the search for jobs. This could be to represent how failed and flawed the American dream is and it is nothing but a dream. The setting of the book plays a huge role in representing Steinbeck’s message of the American dream throughout the novel. The American dream is the idea that anyone can overcome their obstacles, and one day becoming successful. Soledad is the setting for the novel which is a northern state of America which didn’t mind which race you were at the time where racism was at an all-time high, this relates to the American Dream as the American dream was for all. But this dream was no longer attainable due to the poor economy and several environmental issues which were taking place during that time. I believe Steinbeck had chosen to have Soledad as the setting of the novel as it was seen as the Promised Land for many migrant workers as the farms had enough water to grow crops and therefore employ people to help tend to them. The idea of Soledad being a place where all people can make something out of themselves relates to the message of the American dream as the American dream is the idea of self-made success and if you don’t try to be successful you won’t, this is important as the people who saw Soledad as the promised land would only be able to make a living through hard work and the hope that one day they will become successful. I believe the setting of Soledad is extremely significant in Steinbeck’s message of the American...
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