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1. SOLDIER ISSUES: As your Team Leader, it is my responsibility to know about all of your problems, issues, or anything that is affecting you negatively. Communication is very important, if you do not want to bring you problem to me, you may speak with the Chaplin or anyone in your chain of command, we are here for you.

2. MILITARY BEARING: When dealing with anyone senior in rank to you, handle yourself with absolute professionalism. You will use proper Military etiquette when addressing any OFFICER or NCO. This means ALWAYS standing at either Attention or Parade Rest, as the situation dictates. There is no variation to this. You should never have to be reminded of this because it is showing proper respect. I don’t care if you are hanging out with the person after work or what the situation is even if they do not enforce it, I DO! You will use the words Sir, Ma’am, or Sergeant at all times no exceptions. As directions are issued to you, they will be taken as “Orders” for that is what they are. You will carry out these orders promptly, and ask questions later. Also body language is a way of showing respect. You will keep your facial expressions, rolling of the eyes, huffing and puffing for off duty hours, as this will not be tolerated. The words Yep, Yeah, and Uh Huh are not in my dictionary so do not use them. When in formation you will keep your mouth closed, this is to include bobbing and weaving, lolly gagging, talking to your buddy, etc. If you need help with Drill and Ceremonies I can gladly assist you after COB. When someone is talking to you I.E. NCO or SPC in charge listen to him/her show them the respect that they deserve. Your conduct and attitude will always be to the highest of standards. Never allow your conduct on or off duty reflect badly upon yourself or your unit.

3. SUBSTANCE ABUSE: There is 0% tolerance. If you violate the Substance Abuse Policy, you can be recommended for MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT under the UCMJ.

a) ALCOHOL: You are above the legal drinking age, yet maintain accountability of yourself if you decide to engage in alcohol. Over-indulgence is not an excuse to conduct yourself in a way unbecoming of a soldier in the United States Army. This also applies if you plan on driving when taking leave. There is always someone to call. Utilize myself or your chain of command. Another alternative is to call the CQ Desk (730-5273).

b) DRUG USE: Again 0% tolerance. If it has not been prescribed to you by a legal/certified physician then you are not to use it! If you cannot purchase it over the counter from a legal drug store you are not to take it. Medication that has been prescribed to your friend/coworker from the pharmacy is not for you to take. It must be issued directly to you the individual and entered in the system as being issued to you. Medications and illegal drugs will show in a urinalysis and will be considered illegal. Also you may not distribute prescription drugs to your friends/coworkers under any circumstances. If they need the medication let them go to a doctor for it. Using illegal drugs or distributing prescription drugs will only benefit you loosing your rank. When in doubt, ask myself or the platoon sergeant, and we will steer you in the right direction to find out!

4. SEVEN ARMY VALUES: You will live by the 7 Army values 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You cannot live by them if you don’t know them and their meaning. Loyalty-____________________________________________________________



Selfless Service-____________________________________________________________


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