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ITRPV Road Map March’13| March 12
Summary of the International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic- March’13 | |

1. Executive Summary3
2. PV learning curve and Cost reduction3
2.1 Salient Points3
3. Cost considerations4
3.1 Cost Observations over the past 3 years4
3.2 Way Forward5
4. Results 20125
4.1 Materials5
4.1.1 Materials – Crystallization and Wafering5
4.2.2 Materials – Cell processing5
4.3.3 Materials – Modules6
4.2 Process7
4.2.1 Process – Manufacturing7
4.2.2 Process- Technology8
4.3 Products8
4.3.1 Growth forecast for different cell types8
4.3.2 Growth forecast for different cell concepts9
4.3.3 Growth forecast for different c-Si module types10
4.3.4 Growth forecasts for different module sizes11
6. PV Systems11
7. Outlook12
8. Conclusion12

1. Executive Summary
The current Polysilicon price is less than $17/kg. The focus for reducing cost per Watt peak (Wp) remains on improving technology to increase module output power as well as on the more efficient use of all materials. The learning rate ( the decrease in prices of module with every doubling of module shipments) of 21% is expected to be maintained by introducing new double and single sided contact cell concepts with improved Si-wafers, improved cell front and rear side and improved module technologies. The module output power may go up to 300Wp by 2013. 2. PV learning curve and Cost reduction

The following curve explains the decrease in (sales price/Wp) in USD with increase in cumulative shipments

2.1 Salient Points
* More than 100GW has been shipped out in 2012.
* For every doubling of cumulative PV module shipments, the average selling price decreases with a learning rate of 21%. * The latest data as on Jan 2013, at $0.69/Wp, an estimated 110GWp was shipped. 3. Cost considerations

The difference between the proportion of cost attributable to different module elements as a percentage of the overall cost between 01/2010 (1.87$/W) and 01/2013(0.69$/W) is illustrated in the below table 3.1 Cost Observations over the past 3 years

Component| Share in 2010 to overall cost| Share in 2013 to overall cost| Poly silicon| 17%| 13%|
Wafer| 25%| 16%|
Cell| 25%| 22%|
Module| 33%| 49%|

It can be seen from the above table that the proportion of price attributable to module conversion has gone up by 16%. The following graph indicates the decrease in the price over the last 3 years of various components of a Solar PV Panel.

* It can be seen from the graph that prices have fallen from Jan 2010 to Jan 2013 in case of all the components. * In 2011, the major fall in the price is because of over capacities where the prices even fell below the cost. * Poly silicon prices have dropped from around $70/kg in 2010 to $17/Kg in 2013. 3.2 Way Forward

Going forward, two strategies will help to meet the challenges of the current price erosion. * Continue the cost reduction per piece especially at the module level by efficient use of Si and non – Si materials. * Improvement in module/cell efficiency without increasing the processing and depreciation cost. 4. Results 2012

4.1 Materials
4.1.1 Materials – Crystallization and Wafering

* In the Poly silicon production technology, the FBR technology is expected to gain foothold above Siemens processing over the next 10 years. * It is found that quality of Poly-Si doesn’t lead to significant cost reduction. * The cost reduction in Wafering process is expected by introduction of diamond wire sawing for Mono – Si Wafering. * Prices of consumables such as crucibles, graphite parts, slurry and sawing wires will come down leading to reduction in crystallization and Wafering.

4.2.2 Materials – Cell processing

* The Si wafer accounts for about 57% of the Cell cost today. Thus reducing the wafer thickness would result in more efficient use of silicon. * The...
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