Solar Nebular Hypothesis

Topics: Solar System, Universe, Earth Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: April 23, 2002
Solar Nebular Hypothesis

The idea behind the Solar Nebular Hypothesis is that the solar system was condensed from an enormous cloud of hydrogen, helium, and a few other elements and rocks. Around five billion years this cloud of materials began to spin and contract together into a disk shape under their own gravitational forces. The particles started combined together, protoplanets, to eventually form planets. A great mass of the material eventually began to form together, protosun, and make up the sun.

I agree with the Solar Nebular Hypothesis. I am a person that likes to base my opinions scientifically. Evidence wise this theory makes more sense than any other does. I stand the same way on how the earth was created as I do with the development with humans. I believe in evolution because the evidence is there it is not just some everyday whacko's theory. There is logic and facts to back it up. The Solar Nebular Hypothesis can be backed up as true by looking at the order of the planets and what elements they contain and their gravitational fields. I am not an expert but this is what I believe in. I disagree with the big bang theory because it just doesn't make sense how when a huge massive ball can explode and create a solar system that has planets that rotate around a sun in the middle. If there were an explosion you would think that particles would be going every which way. With the Solar Nebular Hypothesis it makes sense that

gravitational forces of elements can begin to pull each other in and start spinning in a circle and sense there is less gravity in space that maybe why the planets are still rotating around the sun, which is logically in the center sense it is the largest in mass, even today five billion years later.

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