solar heated grill from recycle carton box

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A. Sampling Procedure
The researcher used 100 respondents to assess the quality of the project. Most of them are residents of Batangas City and the ages range between 10-65 years old. Questionnaire were given and they examined the project by answering them using the researchers scale.

Sample Questionnaires
Direction: Below are the numbers with corresponding choices.
5- Strongly Agree
4- Moderately Agree
3- Neither Agree/Disagree
2- Moderately Disagree
1 – Strongly Disagree

A. Problem
The problem is formulated carefully.
The problem is stated clearly
The problem is made with full of understanding.
B. Title
The title is clearly stated.
The title modifies the used of the project.
The title is easy to understand.

C. Rationale
The rationale of the study is clearly stated.
This study focus on how to find an alternative grill.
The goal of this study is to make a griller from carbon box.

D. Materials
Materials are less expensive.
Materials are available in the market.
Materials are recycled and environment friendly.

E. Procedure
The steps doing this study are easy to perform.
The procedure is easily too understood.
The procedure is well organized.

F. Implication
The people could benefit because it can save additional money of buying commercially available grill. The people will benefit from this study because they don’t need to buy a commercially griller. This study is environment friendly.

G. Time Table
The project is submitted on time.
The schedule is attainable.
The time table is clearly stated.

H. Budget
The materials used in this study are affordable.
Some materials are recommended not to be bought.
The material can be bought at a reasonable price.

I. Sources
There are people who helped the researcher to make this study. The researcher used the internet to gather ideas about the project. The sources of material can be finding at...
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