solar energy in oil industry

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Energy management
Solar energy in oil/gas industry Project

Nasser Almaawali


Renewable sources of energy are being used worldwide to overcome the pollution problems related to oil and gas industry plus the use of natural gas that cost a lot of money and produce heaps of waste that affect the environment and cause air pollution and land/marine pollution. Therefore the solution was to invest in friendly and clean energy and technology and one of that is the enhanced oil recovery which mainly use CO2, thermal and chemical technologies to increase the production efficiency of oil/gas wells, reduce the pollution produced from oil field and reduce the use of natural gas that can be used in other sectors like generating electricity, and industrial sector. Oil and gas industry is a major consumer, producer of energy. This report Energy use in oil & gas industry in range of activities. Also, Oil and gas production and oil refining became gradually more energy intensive. Most oil production facilities are in remote areas. Produced Water Management Issues. Oil and gas industry waste Management. Renewable energy technologies consists of solar energy, wind energy biomass, geothermal and Ocean (tidal) power, most of these technologies are mature technologies. Addressing climate change, high dependency on conventional sources and increasing demand for electricity. Role in developing economies. Providing a robust framework to attract foreign investment and foster the growth of the local industrial sector

Renewable energy sources that might be used in oil/gas industry First of all, the oil and gas industry are not efficient regarding the fact they only recover 35 percent of oil from reservoirs and they cannot do more with the existing technologies they have currently so they leave about 65% of the oil in the ground in each operation and that is alright now because of the oil prices which can cover these costs but if the prices went down then there will be significant losses which will affect the oil companies and the oil-dependent nations in the world (International Energy Agency 2013). So increasing the average recovery factor will add more barrels to the oil reserves for example increase by one percent could add 80 billion barrels which are massive amounts. Mature fields account for over 70% of the world oil and gas production with many in the secondary and tertiary production phases. The average recovery factor for gas is 70% and for oil is only 35%. So these percentages are low and in need to enhance and improve. The activities and areas that renewable energy sources may be used in oil /gas industry are in increase compared to the past and that is all because of the new technologies that are being invented and discovered every day in this field. The activities include driving pumps to extract hydrocarbons and to reinjection water, heating the output stream to allow separation of the oil ,gas and water. Additionally, they may be used in steam production enhanced oil recovery (EOR), powering compressors and pumps for transporting oil and gas through gathering pipelines to processing plants and driving turbines to generate the electricity and heat needed for on-site operations and living quarters. Overall, the use of renewable energy sources in oil industry might sound strange due to the fact that oil company is independent and making lots of money and huge profits so why they turn to use renewable energy sources in their gas and oil wells? The reason is oil and gas fields is suffering from the growing maturity due to the intensive use of these fields so the oil companies try to slow down the rate of maturity by using renewable and non-renewable enhanced oil techniques therefore their investments in this section is so huge in areas where they suffer more from the...
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