Topics: Renewable energy, Fossil fuel, Nuclear power Pages: 4 (1104 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Nicole Martinez
English 101 – Sec JE
Brian T. Murphy
November 1, 2013
Word Count 1100
The Power of the sun

The topic on renewable energy sources have long been debated, and examined but environmentalists such as Thomas Friedman believe that the use and production of sustainable energy resources is the way of the future and particularly vital to the advancement of the human race and the world, as we know it. As renewable energy sources such as solar power continue to become a more sought after approach for our everyday energy needs, engineers and environmentalists are developing innovative ideas for renewable energy and are also discussing the benefits of this new technology. It seems as though every year our summers get hotter, winters become seemingly colder and rainy days look more like hurricanes. There is no denying that the earth is changing and it may not be for the better. So what exactly is causing the change? We are every day. Take for instance, every time a car is driven; fossil fuel emission gases are released into the air which, by default, is collecting in the atmosphere; and is then trapping the suns heat rays in making the climate warmer, and heat heavier. General science proves that the hotter the heat, the faster the ice will melt; the more the ice melts, the more water will fall into the oceans causing higher tides, and inevitably; flooding will occur should the tides rise. The idea is, if society can collectively come up with ways to reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions being burned from things such as motor vehicles and large manufacturing companies, then we will substantially “clear the air”. Should mankind continue to grow in population, and burn fossil fuels into the atmosphere, we will single handedly cause our very own extinction. Experts are explaining that if we use innovative technologies such as solar power energy; then we can naturally create energy that can power everything from our heat, to electric cars, and other...

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