Solar Energy

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Preview of Solar Energy
Market Potential and Business Opportunities

This preview provides sample content from the Solar Energy Report

The Solar Energy – Market Potential and Business Opportunities report is a detailed report on all aspects of using solar energy as a renewable energy source. This preview provides inputs on focus areas of the report, the complete list of contents, and sample data from each chapter of the report.

The Solar Market Potential and Business Opportunities report was last updated in the 1st week of February 2010, and has 170 pages.

An Invaluable Guide for Solar Energy Entrepreneurs

As renewable energy source, solar energy presents an exciting opportunity. While the current contribution of solar energy to the total global energy needs is insignificant, in the medium and long run, it is expected that solar energy will form a vital component of the world’s energy mix. This has resulted in a number of countries, communities and companies investing significantly into solar energy.

Within solar, both solar PV and solar thermal present exciting business opportunities. The capital costs for solar PV are expected to decrease significantly over the next five years, and emerging high- efficiency solar thermal technologies offer hope for a significantly lower cost of energy from solar thermal in the next five years.

The above developments thus present a wide range of attractive business opportunities along the entire solar energy value chain. Opportunities exist for businesses and entrepreneurs both small and large, and in domains that are emerging and niche.

Entrepreneurs and investors have a need for a comprehensive resource that identifies the key drivers for opportunities in this industry, and provides insights on the extensive range of these opportunities.

The Solar Market Potential and Business Opportunities report was developed to satisfy this clear need. The report is a detailed guide to the range of opportunities in the solar energy industry (both PV and thermal).

Each section provides in-depth information, details and updates on the most critical aspects relevant to it.

The objective of the Solar Profits report is to facilitate tangible steps for an entrepreneur keen on starting off in the solar energy industry. The emphasis hence is on providing practical data, updates and insights.

The report has been developed with over two years of in-depth research, and has been developed with inputs from solar energy industry experts, investors and professionals who have been constantly interacting with the solar energy industry for over four years.

The report will be an invaluable guide to those keen on venturing into one of the most exciting renewable energy domains.

C H A P T E R 1
Introduction to Alternative Energy Sources

Solar energy is one of the most promising alternative energy sources. This chapter provides a brief introduction to alternative energy and the place of solar in the alternative energy framework.


1.1 Introduction to Alternative Energy Sources

Sample Content: The Primary and Emerging Sources of Energy

The following are the primary and emerging sources of energy.

Energy Source

Renewable Energy Non Renewable









Tar sands



Oil shale


Gas Hydrates

Bio Based

This chapter provides an introduction to and overview of the alternative energy sources.

2. Solar Energy – Status and Trends

Worldwide, it is expected that there will be a significant acceleration in the use of solar energy. Both solar PV and solar thermal are expected to show double-digit growth rates for the next decade and beyond. Such a fast-paced growth will result in a number of business opportunities, both small and large. In order for entrepreneurs to identify these opportunities, it is necessary...
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