Solar Bottled Light Bulb

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“Solar Bottled Light Bulb”

An Investigatory Project

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Chemistry

February 20, 2012


First and foremost, this research or study would not have been possible without the help and support of many people. The group would like to extend its utmost gratitude to Mrs. Jocelyn Pama, the subject teacher who abundantly helped and offered invaluable assistance, support and guidance to this project. Same thing goes to the High School Science Laboratory for providing the laboratory facilities. Thank you for the working scholars who profusely takes time to give service during our experiments and activities held at the laboratory. Deepest gratitude is also due to the members of the group. Without the cooperation and support of one another, this project would not be a success. Thank you for sharing your time and effort, especially for sharing the ideas, literature and invaluable assistance.

Finally, an honorable mention goes to the parents and families for their great understanding and support to the project. Without the help of everyone mentioned, the group would have face difficulties in doing the project.

To those people that weren’t mentioned but really helped a lot in completing this project, our dearest gratitude to you all.


Solar bottled light bulb is eco-friendly; it uses solar energy to light the household out there living in the dark without electricity. It is inexpensive for it is made from recyclable materials. Solar bottled light bulb is easy to assemble and the procedure use, in an empty clear container of soda, add at least 1.5 liter mineral water and 2tblespoon of liquid bleach, with that it will be covered half of roof sheet and exposed to sunlight. The bottle is inserted halfway through a hole drilled in the metal roof and its sides are sealed. The whole deal looks like a bulb through a sunroof and provides a good amount of light by deflecting sunlight into gloomy interiors. The solar bottled light bulb is expected to last up to 2 years before it needs changing.

The Solar Bottled Light Bulb was successfully made by the group. There were two experimental test that were made, light bulb A containing 2 cups (1.5 soda cup size) of liquid bleach and light bulb B containing 5 cups (1.5 soda cup size) of liquid bleach. Both light bulbs were able to exhibit the expected result, to produce light after being exposed to sunlight. Light bulb B produced more light compared to light bulb A.

The researchers therefore conclude that both of the Solid Bottled Light Bulb containing two (2) soda’s cup size and five (5) soda’s cup size of liquid bleach produces light. But due to the difference of amount of bleach used in each bottle, we can conclude that the more the bleach, the brighter light is produced.


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