Solar Air Conditioning

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A national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

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A Zero Carryover Liquid-Desiccant Air Conditioner for Solar Applications Preprint
A. Lowenstein
AIL Research, Inc.

Conference Paper
NREL/CP-550-39798 July 2006

S. Slayzak and E. Kozubal
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
To be presented at ASME International Solar Energy Conference (ISEC2006) Denver, Colorado July 8–13, 2006

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Printed on paper containing at least 50% wastepaper, including 20% postconsumer waste

Proceedings of ISEC2006 ASME International Solar Energy Conference July 8-13, 2006, Denver, CO


ABSTRACT A novel liquid-desiccant air conditioner that dries and cools building supply air has been successfully designed, built, and tested. The new air conditioner will transform the use of directcontact liquid-desiccant systems in HVAC applications, improving comfort and indoor air quality, as well as providing energy-efficient humidity control Liquid-desiccant conditioners and regenerators are traditionally implemented as adiabatic beds of contact media that are highly flooded with desiccant. The possibility of droplet carryover into the supply air has limited the sale of these systems in most HVAC applications. The characteristic of the new conditioner and regenerator that distinguishes them from conventional ones is their very low flows of liquid desiccant. Whereas a conventional conditioner operates typically at between 10 and 15 gpm (630 and 946 ml/s) of desiccant per 1000 cfm (0.47 m3/s) of process air, the new conditioner operates at 0.5 gpm (32 ml/s) per 1000 cfm (0.47 m3/s). At these low flooding rates, the supply air will not entrain droplets of liquid...
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