Solagen Case Study

Topics: Rochester, New York, Kodak, Eastman Kodak Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: October 20, 2007
1) Why has Kodak learned so little about the gelatin manufacturing process in 150 years? Why is the learning curve so flat in gelatin manufacture? The gelatin current process:
It was a almost a craft production
It has been passed from generations to generations
It has relatively worked well
The process was largely uninfluenced by new technologies

No one has stopped to look at the process with a scientific approach. Kodak had a culture or people mentality that were averse to changes. Maybe they thought they knew the process
They thought they did not need to understand the process because it was relatively working well.

2) Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the Solagen process from the point of view of Blanchard (CEO); Bolton (plant manager); of Carson (head of chemical processing).

Blanchard (CEO): if the project worked well, stockholders would see him as a great CEO; however if it failed, he would lose his job. Bolton (plant manager): the project was a no-win situation. Management, from the CEO down, was already convinced that the new process was a success; thus, if managed the implementation successfully, his efforts would be perceived as no great accomplishment. Carson (head of chemical processing): if the project worked well, he would be consider as a hero; however if it failed he would be seen as the one who was the mentor of the failed project, but due to his technical knowledge he would not be fired.

3) What should Bolten do?

He should ask for more time allowing R&D works more intense, specifically in the area of larger sample sizes

This process still has a great likelihood of working (shows very strong statistical evidence) It will bring in higher revenue and immediately bring more value to the company Kodak is exploring to find a core competency within an industry

If the new solagen process was not an option how would you proceed as a gelatin plant manager? Study the Gelatin process in order to...
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