Soil Conservation Matrix

Topics: Soil, Erosion, Drought Pages: 3 (528 words) Published: February 11, 2006
Soil Conservation Matrix

Review the three major types of soil degradation occurring in the environment. Briefly explain how each type of damage occurs.

Soil Erosion•Water, wind, and people.

(Miller,2005 p.279) ●Soil erosion has two major harmful effects. One is loss of soil fertility through depletion of plant nutrients
in topsoil. The other harmful effect occurs when eroded soil ends up as sediment in nearby surface waters, where it can pollute water, kill fish and shellfish,
and clog irrigation ditches, boat channels, reservoirs,
and lakes. (Miller,2005 p.279) ●Polyvarietal
cultivation, intercropping, terracing,
agroforestry and
Polyculture. Contour planting and strip cropping, windbreaks, and Alley cropping.

(Miller,2005 p.278,284-285)

Desertification●A combination
of natural climate change that causes prolonged
drought and human activities that reduce or degrade topsoil. (Miller,2005 p.281)
●Worsening drought
Economic losses
Lower living

(Miller,2005 p.283)
●We can also restore land suffering from desertification by planting trees and grasses that anchor
soil and hold water. (Miller,2005 p.282)

Salinization●Repeated annual applications of irrigation water lead to the gradual accumulation of salts in the upper
soil layers.
(Miller,2005 p.283)
●It stunts crop growth, lowers crop yields, and eventually kills plants and ruins the land. (Miller,2005 p.283)
●Reduce irrigation
Switch to salttolerant
(such as barley,
cotton, sugar beet). Flushing soil
Not growing crops
for 2–5 years
drainage systems
(Miller,2005 p.283)

Choose one form of soil degradation—soil erosion, desertification, or salinization—from the matrix. Then, write a 200-300 word response describing ways in which your lifestyle directly or indirectly contributes to...
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