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Soil plays a vital role in our ability to cultivate crops. Throughout human history, our relationship with the soil has affected our ability to cultivate crops and influenced the success of civilizations. This relationship between humans, the earth, and food sources affirms soil as the foundation of agriculture. Soil testing is necessary for knowledge of characteristic of the soil, quantity of fertilizer is needed so that fertilizers are used only as needed, not too less or too much and to be able to follow better agricultural practices and achieve higher agricultural production. Clain Jones (2001) tells us the important role that the amount of nutrients, pH and texture of soil plays on the growth of a plant. The Bishan Park Committee wants to set up a community garden to allow residents to grow their own crops in BIshan Park. Using the soil samples from various parts of Bishan Park, we want to find out which area has the most suitable soil for growing the 4 types of vegetables namely- eggplant, tomato, chilli and capcicum. To find out which soil is the best, we are going to carry out test protocols like: measuring the amount of pH, soil texture and finding out the amount of N,P and K in the soil. Using that area, we hope to minimize any usage of costly fertilizers but be able to grow healthy vegetables at the same time.


Journal article that contains the pH graph:

some good links for soil nutrient info

Soil fertility protocol, good ( I think)

Gardener’s guide to soil testing...
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