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Software Development Project Design Specification Outline

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Purpose of This Document

This document provides a suggested outline for a database application design specification that falls within Microsoft Development Framework guidelines. Hints for creating the content of each section and topic are emphasized and can be deleted from the final document draft. Items to be filled in during the creation of the document are noted with {bracketed text} which should be replaced with the actual text in the final specification document.

Different specifications will have different layouts, depending on the responsible personnel and the needs of each project. The flow of this example is only a suggestion to guide the specification process – there is no single "correct" outline for a spec document.

Many people working on an application of any size fail to predict the complexities of development, testing, budgeting, and deployment. Even if your project is too small or your timeline too tight to allow for a specification as detailed as this outline, reading through the outline before you begin your project will help alert you to the many facets of development and deployment.

For purposes of this specification outline, the term section is used to refer to a major segment of the document. Within sections are subsections, and each subsection has several topics that describe individual application features.


Purpose of This Document


1. Executive Summary

1A. Overview
Identified Problems
Proposed Solution
Project Scope

1B. Justification
Cost Justification
Return on Investment

1C. Resource Requirements
Human Resources
Physical Resources
Capital Resources

2. Application Processes

2A. Solution Description

2B. Primary Processes

2C. Application Navigation
Launching the Application
Interface Philosophy
Navigation Map

2D. Initial Data Conversion
Source of Initial Data
Converting and Validating Initial Data

2E. Links to Other Systems
Merges and Links

2F. Security Requirements
Workgroup Security
Application Security

2G. Multi-User Issues

3. Project Mechanics and Management

3A. Project Management Overview

3B. Architecture and Tools
Development Tools
Reusable Components

3C. Equipment Requirements
Client Configuration
Server Requirements
Equipment Upgrades

3D. Application Deployment
User Definition
Review Builds
Unit Testing
System Testing
Test Plan
Preloading Data
Online Documentation
User Documentation
System Documentation
Database Administration
Backup Policies
Disaster Recovery
Adding Users
Ongoing Support
Supporting Users
Reporting Problems and Enhancement Requests
Problem/Enhancement Resolution Guidelines
Future Releases

3E. Project Management
Affected Users and Related Parties
Project Timelines
Responsible Parties
Project Administration
Issue Management
Risk Management
Coding and Documentation Standards
Future Phases

3F. Financial Mechanics
Third Parties
Contractual Issues

4. Data Structures and Rules

4A. Data Models and Diagrams

4B. Structure Definition
Table Structures
Stored Views
Table Relationships
Business Rules

4C. Data Load
Initial Volumes
Future Volumes

5. Screen Forms

5A. UI Guidelines
Form Layouts
System Messages
Fonts and Point Sizes
Switchboard Menus
Bar Menus
Shortcut Menus
Keyboard and Mouse

5B. Structural Information
{name of the first form}
Data Source
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