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Topics: Medical record, Health care, Hospital information system Pages: 5 (1307 words) Published: January 17, 2013
This study was conducted to evaluate the hospital information system This software based on user requirements in Egypt . softwares were evaluated based on checklist and through the observation in 8 hospitals according to defined criteria. However,

Various systems has not efficiently met user expectations in all departments; medical records (74.5%), pharmacy (58.6%), laboratory (74.5%), nursing (23.3%), radiology (51.4%) and financial (65.4%). Minimum user requirements (29%) have been met. There was no software to meet the end users expectations in all departments completely. Failure to meet the user expectations among software that addresses all user expectations appropriately could be ascribed to poor user participation and revealed that software adoption is still in infancy. Conducting periodical evaluation; employing a comprehensive tool for hospital software evaluation is crucial to ensure their effective implementation and improvement.

1. Introduction
Hospital information systems are increasingly becoming an emerging tool in health care arena to efficient delivery of high quality health services. * Hospital Information system is one of the most common computer systems have been designed to support health care services. These systems are large computerized data bases were intended primarily for communication and store health and administrative information. It has a different components and includes broad scope and level of systems from departmental (a system limited a specific clinical or financial domain) to knowledge based systems that provide diagnostic support and intervention for patient care activities. * User community in health care arena consists of many different user groups (physicians, nurses, administrators, managers, researchers, etc.). Neglect of any of these parties imply to missing related expertise, skills, knowledge, requirements and expectations. Expectation and requirement arise from what users see and hear about the system and interpret the ways the system will work for them. * Studies indicated that addressing user expectation is a distinct element to ensure the successful adoption of the system. * A rigorous software vendor survey by the aid of a multidisciplinary team including, end users of nursing department, radiology department, and medical records department is a critical pathway for system selection and evaluation. An input from user evaluation provides a feedback relating to selection, modification and promotion of the system based on user expectations and creates an atmosphere for system vendors to compare their strengths and weaknesses. 2. Methods

Data were gathered based on checklist and through the direct observation of trained questioners, interview with end users and hospital IT administrators. After taking hospital agreement, software functionality and capability were collected through a self-administered checklist: The evaluation was made for medical record (inpatient, outpatient and emergency admissions, medical coding, statistical reporting, etc), Laboratory (defining specific tests, reporting, providing alarm and reminders, etc), pharmacy (drug administration, drug packaging, defining corporation name, defining goods, etc), Radiology (scheduling, registration, defining the type of services, image communication, incorporation to Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) ,etc), financial (Accounting, account payable, account receivable, compensation, inventory, etc) and nursing department (tracking test results, operating room scheduling, patient monitoring, etc). Tentative checklist developed based on review of literature, and software vendors' catalogues/ brochures. In the following steps, initial tool were modified according to the end user viewpoints of selected departments and experts panel (hospital information technology administrators, computer consultants and faculty members). Finally, revised checklist...
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