Software Quality Assurance

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DDSCS SAQ Plan TQM_ABC Crop 11-June-2010



ABC Crop-Software Development Company TPM-UCTI Malaysia


DDSCS SAQ Plan TQM_ABC Crop 11-June-2010

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DDSCS SAQ Plan TQM_ABC Crop 11-June-2010



SQA Plan Approvals:

Name1 SQA Manager

11-June-2010 Date

Name2 Project Manager

11-June-2010 Date

Name3 Program Manager

11-June-2010 Date


DDSCS SAQ Plan TQM_ABC Crop 11-June-2010

PREFACE Nowadays many new headlines regarding the poor quality of information technology projects illustrate that quality is a serious issue. Quality problems in many business systems have resulted major financial losses. Customers are ultimately responsible for defining quality. Important quality concepts include satisfying stated or implied stakeholder needs, conforming to requirements, and delivering items that are fit for use. Software Project quality management includes planning quality, performing Softearw Quality Assurance(SQA), and performing quality control. Quality planning identifies which quality standards are relevant to the project and how to satisfy them. Quality assurance involves evaluating overall project performance to ensure that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards. Quality control includes monitoring specific project results to ensure that they comply with quality standards and identifying ways to improve overall quality (Schwalbe,2009). ABC Crop is a software development company which produces specific software to control some specific Digital Devices’ system. This is a very large system involving over 20 development and maintenance staff. Unfortunately several quality problems developed with the use of these products and people are getting complained of loss of availability, loss of specific services, erroneous services, different versions with different defects, and unreliability. The management of ABC Crop realized them and decided to set up a quality system to ensure all future releases are in high quality. Besides that, company intends to obtain ISO for its products, so Company product need a Software Quality Assurance plan(SQA) which meet ISO standards too. The document is an outline for a Software Quality Assurance Plan, following loosely the IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans, Std 730-1989( It contains the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Plan for the DDSCS (Digital Devices Software Control System) which produce by ABC Crop. The SQA activities described in this plan are consistent with the DDSCS Software Development Plan (or Project Management Plan) and other project planning documents. All SQA related references has been shown in Appendix c, a list of common documents, policies, procedures, and standards, which has been used and referred in this report. The Quality Management Team take on a responsibility for this document and updates it, as required, to meet the needs of DDSCS. Users of this document may report defects or


DDSCS SAQ Plan TQM_ABC Crop 11-June-2010

corrections using the Document Change Request, figure i, within this document. Updates to this document will be performed, at least annually, agreement with the DDSCS Configuration Management Process. There is two forms provided by TQM to illustrate the changes requested and undertaken changes, and also to keep track different versions of SQA Plan document, which shown in figure i, and figure ii.


DDSCS SAQ Plan TQM_ABC Crop 11-June-2010

Document Title: Software Quality Assurance Plan Template Tracking Number: 1

Name of Submitting Organization: ABC Crop

Organization Contact: System Engineering Process Office(SEPO)

Phone: 999999999999

Mailing Address:

Short Title: SQA Plan

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