Software Policies for an Organization

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Published by the Software & Information Industry Association. You are given permission to duplicate and modify this policy statement so long as attribution of the original document is to Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). (Updated and revised April 2004)

Organization Software Management and Usage Guidelines [Organization] licenses the use of computer software from a variety of third parties. Such software is normally copyrighted by the software developer and, unless expressly authorized to do so, [organization] has no right to make copies of the software. The purpose of this policy is to prevent copyright infringement and to ensure proper software asset management. 1. General Statement of Policy. It is the policy of [organization] to respect and adhere to all computer software copyrights and to adhere to the terms of all software licenses to which [organization] is a party. It is also the policy of [organization] to manage its software assets and to ensure that [organization] installs and uses only legal software on its PCs (including portables) and servers. [Organization] will take all steps necessary to prohibit its users from duplicating any licensed software or related documentation for use either on [organization’s] premises or elsewhere unless [organization] is expressly authorized to do so by agreement with the licensor. Unauthorized duplication of software may subject users and/or [organization] to both civil and criminal penalties under the United States Copyright Act. [Organization] must not permit any employee to use software in any manner inconsistent with its applicable license agreement, including giving or receiving software from clients, contractors, customers and others. It is the policy of the [organization] to acquire, copy, distribute, transmit and use software in accordance with the software management policies of the [organization] and the terms and conditions in any license agreement accompanying a particular software product. 2. User Education. [Organization] will provide and require a software education program for all of its software users (to be crafted by the software manager). Upon completion of the education program, users are required to sign the [organization's] Software Management and Usage Guidelines ( see sample here). New users will be provided the same education program within 10 days of the commencement of their employment. 3. Budgeting for Software. When acquiring computer hardware, software and training, [organization] must budget to meet the full costs at the time of acquisition. When purchasing software for existing computers, [organization] must charge the purchases to the department's budget for information technology or other appropriate budget set aside for tracking software purchases. 4. Acquisition of Software. Legitimate software will be provided to all users who need it. All requests for software, including upgrades, must be submitted to the [MIS, purchasing, or other appropriate] designated department. All software acquired by [organization] must be purchased through the [MIS, purchasing, or other appropriate] designated department. Software will be purchased only from reputable, authorized sellers. Software may not be purchased through user corporate credit cards, petty cash, travel or entertainment budgets. If any software is acquired by a different department, that department shall immediately notify the [MIS, purchasing, or other appropriate] designated department and identify and document the acquired software.

This policy applies to acquisitions of hardware that includes bundled or pre-loaded software. Software acquisition channels are restricted to ensure that [organization] has a complete record of all software that has been purchased for [organization] computers and can register, support, and upgrade such software accordingly. This includes software that may be downloaded and/or...
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