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Software Engineering (C2002)
TERM 1 2009

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Software Engineering (C2002)
TERM 1 2009


TOP restaurant has been serving fine food to the city for over two decades. It has decided to develop a computerised information system for its business operation. This information system will have two sections. One section will handle reservations and the other section will hold information on food and drinks orders and produce customer bills.

Reservation Section:

The restaurant has a fixed number of tables; each table can hold up to 4 people. Advance reservations are made either by telephone or in person. The person making the reservation will give the date and time preferred and the number of people. The computer system will check availability and confirm the reservation if there is sufficient table(s) available for that date, time, number of people combination. If there are not sufficient tables, the computer system will search forwards or backwards if there is space earlier. Once a table is booked, it will be booked for a period of 2 hours.

Customers may come to the restaurant without any reservation. If they do so, the reservation subsystem is used to determine if there is room to accommodate them or not. If not, the computer system will search forwards (only) as described above to determine the likely waiting time for the potential customer.

Ordering and Billing Subsystem:

All orders will be taken on line thro the wireless keyboard fixed on each table. The order will collect the code of the various items ordered. (Item codes are shown on the menu for this purpose). If any specific ingredients are to be added to the food items, it may be indicated in the order. Upon completion of the order, the system will display back the items ordered so that order can be confirmed. Food items will be sent to the kitchen, where they will be displayed on a large plasma screen. Once an item is ready to be served, the kitchen staff will use the kitchen terminal to indicate its readiness. Waiters will receive notification of the item's readiness and then serve the item to the appropriate table. Drinks orders are relayed to an LCD screen in the bar and once again, when the drinks are ready to be served, the bar staff will use the bar terminal to indicate this. .


Question 1.

Select a life-cycle model that you would follow during the development of the Top restaurant system. Give an outline description of this life-cycle model and justify your choice of model. (50 MARKS)

Question 2.

Describe the dependability measurement attributes which could be applied to the Top restaurant system. For each of the dependability measures you describe, evaluate its importance in contributing to the overall software quality. (50 MARKS)

Other Guidelines
1.Indicate all references, e.g. Web-site URL or reference...
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