Software Engineering Group Project Individual Report

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G52GRP Individual Report
Cycle Route Planner
March 31, 2011 gp10-rcb He, Jun (jxh10u)

other group members Name CS User ID E-Mail

Armitage, Constance Olive cxa09u O'Dwyer, Niall Qiu, Mengtian nxo09u mxq00u

Supervisor: Prof. Roland Backhouse (rcb)

Personal Contribution Summary
The overall goal of the project is to develop a cycle-route planner which particularly meets the needs of the students in the University. In this project, I took the major role of a programmer whose responsibility was to make the design into a runnable program. In around the middle period of the development process, I made a prototype that could achieve basic but the most important functionality of the system based on the initial design idea. The prototype is a single web page with a slippy map which can display a polyline on the map as a route and a route information table when given the start place and destination. Though the graphical user interface was really simple and ugly, it at least provided the possibility that the design of the system was feasible. In fact, the final routing system of the project was just built on the rationale of the prototype but with the extension of multi-functionalities. In the final routing system, I made it possible for user to click on the map and get the place instead of to type in the literal name. In addition, the routing system can identify the postcode as an input. The routing system also provides three types of routes which gives more choices for user. Apart from improving of the functionalities of the routing system, I also took part in the designing and programming of the wiki system which is another functionality of the project. The wiki system relies on the utility of the MYSQL database. We reached the concept of the “big society” in the problem specification by allowing users to update the information in the database. When added into the system, latest information will be reflected immediately on the map. For instance, a user adds a new supermarket which was newly constructed in one area. A shopping cart marker will appear on the map as long as the user refreshes the page. As the coder in the group, it was natural for me to take responsibility for integrating the whole system. It was decided that a web-based application would be the most feasible method of implementation, which had the advantages of easier accessibility and maintenance. After getting the GUI design from my teammates, I integrated the java scripts which contain the functionalities of the system to the web pages and launched them to the UNIX machine so as to make it available to the public. As the website was setup under my UNIX account, I also took the obligation of system maintenance. Whenever the system came across problems, I should detect them and then amend the system. In addition to coding, I also made contribution to our group documentations. In the interim report and final report, I wrote the contents that related to code aspects as the programmer always knew what the code did.

Reflection on the Project
Throughout the project, our group has managed to achieve a number of successes. The most successful aspect is that the main functionality described in the problem specification has been achieved and the system has been complete in use. The route-planner is able to compute a route for the user when given a starting point and destination and through the use of the map it is able to provide extra information, such as the location of nearby bicycle-park facilities. Besides, the wiki system allows users to add and update the data used by the route planner, which has been successful to build on the community-based aspect of existing systems. From the perspective of project management, our group experienced a good-working relationship and has held regular meetings with the supervisor. Every member devoted into the project warmly and actively. We...
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