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The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with experience in some basic tasks of a systems analyst. This is given in the context of an imaginary case study. In your second assignment, you will join with another class student forming a two-person group to develop your case study, working on additional analysis tasks.


The case study scenario given below is to form the basis for your assignment. However, it is expected that you use your imagination to add more detail to the case study to make it your own unique project. It is expected that you will submit your own individual work for this assignment. Begin by reading the case study and then conduct some research of your own and decide upon the details of a project for an imagined small business. You can choose any kind of business as long as it fits in with the partial specifications given in the case study. It is expected that no two students’ assignments will be the same, so make sure that your business has unique characteristics such as name and logo. Though it is expected that some of your requirements will be similar to others, it is also expected that each student will have at least one unique requirement in their project that differs from those of your classmates.

Case study:

You have been employed as an analyst for a small start up company specialising in web based database systems using php/mysql. Your colleague has visited a potential client for a briefing on a new project. Details are unclear at this stage, however you have been asked to prepare a draft scope document as a starting point. Your boss intends to develop a budget based on the information in your document and then show the scope document to the client at their next meeting. You haven’t time to wait for more details, so you have been asked to make assumptions where necessary. These can be explored with the client at the next meeting.

Your colleague met with the manager...
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