Software Architecture Department

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Proposal to Zilack Board of Directors
Team 3
J.M.-Team leader
T.W. -Network Manager
V.T. & W.C.- Software manager
O.B.- Web manager
R.R.- Information Security Manager



Zilack Corporation is a medium-sized manufacturing company with 250 employees. It directly markets one product: the Zilack coffee cup with a patented ball bearing sliding mechanism. James Jr. and a group of 15 other executives run the company.

Zilack Corporation has just received a large sum of money from a venture capitalist. The venture capitalist and James Jr. are predicting 100% growth. To achieve that growth, productivity will need to increase by a similar amount. Therefore, the IT Systems functional area must be updated to assist Zilack’s business model to predict, plan, and implement future growth and profits.

This is a unique opportunity. James Jr. has taken over from his father, James Sr., CEO of Zilack for 37 years. The problem lies in Zilack's current IT functional area, which has been separate from the other Zilack functional areas. Zilack’s business model and IT systems are outdated and in need of new ideas and new employees to implement then. The 100%t growth projection has James Jr. concerned with these questions:

1.What will my updated IT Systems functional area look like?
2.How should IT be integrated with other functional areas so Zilack can meet its business objectives?
3.How can we adhere to our Code of Ethics with such fast growth?
4.What new ideas can we implement in the four IT departments?
5.What are the issues facing the company and the employees?
6.What will be the job titles, descriptions, and skills of our new IT employees? This proposal describes ideas for Zilack’s updated IT Systems Functional Area to align with Zilack’s business model. Specifically managers from Zilack’s IT Departments are providing ideas to address James Jr.’s concerns.

Information Security Department Manager Executive Summary
The Information Security Department’s goal is to keep all security programs up to date and keep all cost to a minimum. Provide classes to employees who are not experienced with these updates. The classes would be clear and simple to everyone. The number one concern would be keeping hackers, viruses and any other problems away from the network.

Network Architecture Department Manager Executive Summary
Network Architecture defines common, industry-wide, open-standards-based, interoperable network infrastructures providing reliable and ubiquitous communication for Zilack's distributed information processing environment. It defines various technologies required to enable connections among its department and business sector. Network Architecture describes a network infrastructure that supports converged services, as well as accommodating traditional data, voice, and video services, providing the framework and foundation to enable budget unit business processes, new business opportunities, and new methods for delivering service The infrastructure is designed to ensure that standard IT architectures and systems are in place to implement common functions by integrating new functionality within existing systems. The enterprise web architecture enables one server to support numerous Zilack's applications in development, testing and production environments. Program specific systems are integrated via infrastructure tools, such as middleware, messaging and integration broker technologies. (Freeman, 2006)

While the applications are developed by the independent project teams, the Zilack's team has developed or instituted technical standards, a common set of infrastructure processes, and specific technologies that can be leveraged and reused across the Department. The security infrastructure, for example, provides for a shared-services solution that secures access to program information and manages user identity across the enterprise. The value of having a well-defined...

References: #Web strategies for professional effective web development better...
The Web Department : Web Design and Development Company : Houston ...
 - 6:30pm
Professional, Award-Winning Web Design and Development Solutions for Business. Houston Texas. Since 1997 we have been delivering a wide range of ...
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