Topics: Leadership, Communication, Sociology Pages: 4 (2506 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Nowadays, we live in a competitive world. It makes everyone worried about work and started to concern about how to find work and choose the suitable field. Besides, employers nowadays are not only looking for good hard skill but they also looking for good soft skills and the ability to adapt in their workplace. So, how should perform an outstanding performance when we attend an interview or make presentation to others. Therefore, soft skills play an important role. It is very useful and important to employers, employees and students. Some of the students still do not have a job although they already graduate from college or university for a long time. Besides, for several students who already working for a long time, they still do not have an opportunity to be promote as a leader. One of the reason is they lack of soft skills cause them cannot be compete with other person. Although they have a good result in their academic, but they perform poor when there are in the workplace. In the workplace, the boss will hope their staffs have a soft skill because it can enhance the staff performance, productivity and innovation. In the academic, it can enhance the students to manage the time, creative, critical thinking and communicate effectively. So, soft skills are important to the university students. What are the soft skills? Soft skill can refer to a personality characteristics and traits that are social graces, facility with language, friendliness, communication, and optimism that make people to varying degrees. (A Definition of Soft Skills. (2008). [Online]. Available: [2012, June 10].) Soft skills also mean behavioral competencies and known as interpersonal skill or people skills. Besides that, soft skill is a sociological term to describe a person’s “EQ” or “Emotional Intelligence Quotient” (as opposed to “IO”). (Soft Skills. (2012). [Online]. Available:...
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