Softball vs Baseball
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Women versus Men on the Diamond “Anything you can do I can do better…” was a famous quote by Annie Get Your Gun that’s been used for many years, and has become relevant in the debate of softball versus baseball. The game of baseball was invented during the summer of 1839. Softball was later created in 1887 when a group of men joined together in Chicago 's Farragut Baseball Club to listen to the Harvard-Yale football game. Although these two sports seem identical they both have their own significant differences, but the game of softball is by far more difficult. Considering the differences of the fields’ length, bats, and ball the reaction time has become more crucial for softball players than baseball players.
For instance when looking at a baseball field in comparison to a softball field, there are a few things that will stand out that could make someone believe softball is harder. For one a baseball field is extremely larger than a softball field, your average baseball field measures four hundred and forty-five feet from home plate to the outfield wall . Whereas on a softball field the distance from home plate to the outfield wall is roughly two hundred and twenty-five feet. Another distinction between these two fields is the fact that a baseball field is seventy percent grass and thirty percent clay which allows for baseball players to have an advantage when it comes to reacting on a ball put in play. Meanwhile on the shorter and smaller softball field its thirty percent grass and seventy percent clay, which doesn’t allow for much reaction time during a play due to the lack of friction the ball has with the clay. Since we have these size differences, this means the pitchers are at different distances. A softball hitter has a reaction time of .349 seconds to react to a pitch coming seventy miles per hour from forty three feet away . On a baseball field the pitcher is sixty feet and six inches away from the batter, and on average the batter has roughly .350

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