Soft Skills

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Company President
Soft Skills Training

After the last project review one area that needs to be improved is our communication not only with the stakeholder, but vendors and our team as well. Having gone through soft skills training before while in the Marine Corps, before I was assigned to recruiting duty, I know that soft skills training will have a positive impact on our team and improve our overall bottom line and limit communication breakdowns that have caused extra costs and completing projects after the due date.

Due to the size of our company and that we are always involved in ongoing projects I would suggest that we use an online training company. This will also reduce costs because we will not have reimburse for travel costs. Using an online company will also allow us to control the environment in which our staff in being trained. Another option would be to bring in a company to do in house soft skills training. Train Smart would be a company that I would suggest they offer many services, but the one that would benefit us and our customers the most would be their tailored soft skills training. This would benefit all parts of our company as they offer leadership, HR, management, communication, and team building soft skills programs. They also work with a wide variety of industries many of who we also work with this can only help us in the long run if we decide to partner with them. The online tools that they offer can also assist us after the initial training.

Part of our job as project managers is to evaluate each project and find ways to improve for the next project while making our customers happier with our service, which in the end will only bolster our profits and reputation. Soft Skills are very important as you know and if we as a company can get all levels from the installation team to upper management on the same page while communicating we can have the entire company...
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