Soft Skills

Topics: Learning, Soft skills, Sociology Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 4, 2013
* Soft Skills Essay
* What soft skills do you believe you currently have? Give one-two examples of how you have used those skills. * What soft skills do you want to develop? How do you plan to do that? * What soft skills do you think will be most beneficial to you in school and your future career? Why?

I believe I have quite a few of the soft skills listed in the soft skills list (, including: introspection, self-development, internal motivation and passion, composure and self-presentation, dependability and reliability, problem solving and process orientation and big picture and strategic thinking. These things, along with the hard skills I am learning through my academic pursuits, will give me the success that is vital to my life.

At a recent job I had I was in charge of a CAD Gravograph machine and was expected to interact with many clients and explain what our company could offer them and try to decide what exactly best suits the client and what product and service we can provide them. A large part of the customer interactions I handled were for custom jobs so I had to decide what was possible for me to design, what materials were best suited for the clients intentions and what kind of dead line could be expected.

I utilized every soft skill listed above in these interactions. Big picture and strategic thinking was used to decide if the specifications the client wanted were feasible or if their ideas and product usage needed revaluating. The introspection was very useful in cases where I was trying to design a new product and knowing my own limitations. I used self-development everyday by learning from my mistakes and knowing how to accentuate my strengths. Composure and self-presentation was very high on the list of necessities for the position I held because I was at a disadvantage due to the fact that I was an inmate working at a state run facility as part of an off-unit job program...
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