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What are ?Soft Skills??

?Soft skills? can be said to incorporate all aspects of generic skills that include the cognitive elements associated with non-academic skills. Soft skills are identified to be the most critical skills in the current global job market especially in a fast moved era of technology. The reorientation of education which is one trust of education for sustainability also relates the importance of these so-called ?soft skills.

Vast research and expert opinions have been sought in the effort to determine the specific soft skills to be implemented and used in higher institutions of learning. Based on the research findings obtained, seven soft skills have been identified and chosen to be implemented in all institutions of higher learning here. They are:

i. Communicative skills.

ii.. Thinking skills and Problem solving skills.

iii. Team work force

iv.. Life-long learning and Information Management

v. Entrepreneur skill

vi.. Ethics, moral and professionalism

vii. Leadership skills

Each of the above soft skills comprised of several sub-skills. These sub-skills are divided into two categories of implementation. The first category delineates the soft skills that every individual must have and the second category represents soft skills that are good to have. Despite the emphasis being put on the soft skills that must be present (must have), it is also encouraged to inculcate the soft skills that are good to have. All elements of soft skills must be acquired by each individual student and evaluated effectively and comprehensively. Table 1 shows the seven soft skills and the two categories of sub-skills respectively.

The ?must have? soft skills must be acquired by each and every individual in the institutions of higher learning without which, the student is regarded as incompetent in the above skill. The ?good to have? soft skills can be regarded as the additional generic skills and a bonus to the student. If these skills are acquired by the students together with the ?must have? soft skills. Table 1 gives a detail description of the different categories of implementation for each of the sub-skills for the respective seven soft skills.

It can be observed that education is an essential tool for achieving sustainability. We all realized that the current economic development trends are not sustainable and that

Table 1 the ?Must Have? and ?Good To Have? Elements of Soft Skills

No. Soft Skills Must Have Elements (Sub-Skills) Good To Have Elements (Sub-Skills)


Communicative Skills

Ability to deliver idea clearly, effectively and with confidence either orally or in writing

Ability to practice active listening skill and respond.

Ability to present clearly and confidently to the audience.

Ability to use technology during presentation.

Ability to discuss and arrive at a consensus.

Ability to communicate with individual from a different cultural background.

Ability to expand one?s own communicative skill.

Ability to use non-oral skills.


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Ability to identify and analyze problems in difficult situation and make justifiable evaluation.

Ability to expand and improve thinking skills such as explanation, analysis and evaluate discussion.

Ability to find ideas and look for alternative solutions.

Ability to think beyond..

Ability to make conclusion based on valid proof.

Ability to withstand and give full responsibility.

Ability to understand and accommodate oneself to the varied working environment.


Team Work

Ability to build a...
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