Soft Power

Topics: Globalization, Poverty, International relations Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Diana Alava

As globalization continues to open up nations to each other, how do you think the power arrangement between nations will be affected by the use of soft power?

As globalizations continues to open nations up to each other, I think the power arrangement between nations will be affected by the use of soft power because wealthier nations that are industrialized and technologically advanced will utilize soft power to “assist” the peripheral nations. At first, it will seem like assistance, but in the long run, poor nations are likely to become over encumbered by debt. This puts poor nations in a strangle and in an economic dependency towards wealthier nations. It is because of this that prevents poorer nations from ever becoming independent, because wealthier nations will start to take over the poorer nations with their corporations and will eventually wipe out all local businesses. This also will cause poorer nations to submit to anything the wealthier nation’s desire. On the other hand, globalization will help develop those nations, but in turn it will likely be governed by a foreign nation. All in all, there are its benefits and disadvantages from the use of soft power if you’re a poorer nation.

I believe globalization is bound to happen sooner than we think. With the rise of the internet as a global communications platform, the decline of certain currencies, and the need for a solution, nations will see themselves forced to have to work together to rectify the situation. As developed nations cooperate to find a solution, underdeveloped nations will be at their mercy because they are already in a situation of dependency.

Soft power has been used throughout the years by nations as a political influence that is extended by means of diplomacy, international assistance, and or cultural exchanges. As gentle as it may seem though, soft power eventually has lesser nations at their knees because of the dependency that is developed. There is really no...
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