Socratic Seminar

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Socratic Seminar


“Come away. There’s going to be trouble. And we’ve had our meat.” Dialogue pondering the effect of suspense from the readers because Golding foreshadowed that something troublesome would happen soon.

“There was a blink of bright light beyond the forest and the thunder exploded again so that a littlun started to whine. Big drops of rain fell among them making individual sounds when they struck.” Golding emphasized on the nature in the paragraph. He used imagery to bring out the lively scene. As the weather turns bad, Golding foreshadows that the unfortunate events are approaching soon. The stormy weather created a negative atmosphere to the environment.

“Going to be a storm,” said Ralph, “and you’ll have rain like when we dropped here. Who’s clever now? Where are your shelters? What are you going to do about that?” It is shown that Ralph is confronting partnership between Jack and himself. Rhetorical questions were asked. Through the questions, Golding’s intention is to show that Ralph believes he would make a better leader than Jack.

“A wave of restlessness set the boys swaying and moving aimlessly.” “The littluns began to run about, screaming.”
Golding used the weather as a symbol of fear. From these two sentences, Golding tells us the mental state of the boys on the demanding nature. It also shows how the strong waves could affect the behavior of the boys. Golding suggests that nature can destruct humankind easily, no matter how tough oneself can be.

“Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but partly secure society.” Golding presented the optimistic behavior of Piggy and Ralph around the island and that the threats of the sky does not affect them. Golding used “Demented” to describe the established society within the boys, the word has strong emphasis on the hunters’ crazy attitude for the passion of hunting.


“Kill the beast! Cut his...
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