Socratic Seminar

Topics: United States, Colony, Colonialism Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: October 2, 2010
21. Both Native Americans and White Colonists thought that each group was “wasting” their own land. Colonists believed that the Natives weren’t using and spreading their land to its fullest potential while the Natives had never fathomed the fact that you could have individual ownership over an acre of space. New England life varied from other colonial regions because:
1. It was less ethically mixed than the middle or southern regions. Ideas such as black slavery did not excel, and it was an almost isolated environment.
2. Although it had good soil for a flourishing planting, the climate was unfavorable to many settlers.
3. Native Americans had already greatly impacted the area, leaving their territorial mark upon areas.
4. It focused less on livestock and turned their attention to the shore and natural harbors.
5. Definitely not as liberal as the middle colonies, it was very aristocratic considering social class. 23.The Scots-Irish were a group of non-English settlers who made up 7 percent of the colonial population in 1775. Commuting from Scotland to Ireland, then to Pennsylvania, they ended up farther West than the Germans or Quakers, settling the land there. Although they had many flaws (such as stabilizing a solid community, keeping peace with Indians or wasting precious land and resources) they were excellent frontiersmen. They ended up along the “great wagon road” in the eastern Appalachians. They led two movements- the Paxton Boys protest in Philadelphia in 1764, and the Regulator Movement in North Carolina. “Hotheaded” as they’re called, they protested such things as the Quaker’s relationship with the Native Americans and the Eastern domination of the colonies. 24. The triangular trade system was a thriving route over the Atlantic Ocean, connecting New England to Europe, as well as the coasts of South America and Africa. An example would be a colony sending rice or Indigo to Great Britain, where they would trade those received products to Africa, who...
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