Socratic Seminar
Topics: Conversation, Question, Heart of Darkness, Socratic method, Dialogue / Pages: 3 (588 words) / Published: Feb 17th, 2013

“Heart of Darkness Evaluation”
The Socratic Seminar attempted to address a variety of topics from the book Heart of Darkness. This particular session didn’t really gain a momentum or enthusiasm needed to open up a more detailed discussion of the book. The inner circle struggled to answer some of the targeted questions and got off to a rather slow conversational start. There was an uncomfortable silence at the beginning of the discussion. In addition, not everyone in the inner circle contributed. There should have been more input and opinion put into the conversation. Although it can be hard to think on your feet, given more reflection time there could have been more comments and conversation. Even with the slow start, it is always good to get other people’s opinions and views. The group gave many personal examples and made connections between self and book. Overall, the result was an average or mediocre job.
A lengthier discussion took place when the group was asked whether or not ones environment changes the way an individual acts. Everyone in the inner circle agreed that a certain environment shift has changed the way they have acted. Scout said that she is a completely different person at work, than she usually is. She is forced to be happy all the time when she is catering to customers, while in the back room everyone is always talking about each other. Nisarg said that he is forced to cooperate with all of the guests at the zoo where he works. He must always settle with the guest and tell them what they want to hear. Environment has a major influence on everyone just like the jungle had on Kurtz. There were many other personal connections made by people in the inner circle.
Another topic that had larger discussion was whether or not the company stopped Kurtz for the Natives sake or for the reputation of the company. This particular conversation started out rather slow, but picked up after a while. Everyone agreed that the company was

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