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Plato divided society into three groups.  Briefly describe each of these groups Your answer should be at least three full paragraphs (about five sentences each).            Producer provided the necessities of life and its material, economic goods, and services. The groups included farmers, shoemakers, carpenter, shopkeeper, importers, bankers, and general laborers.  Producer were considers as lowest class. If notice the people in this class would be people that are in middle to upper class in our society. But to Plato people that are in lower class have the most freedom and economic gain. They can live or own land and marry whom they wish, as long within the bounds of laws. Producers are concern with material acquisition and physical comfort.     Plato called the second group originally, Guardians. Plato stated that people in this group are concern with welfare and society as a whole. They would protect their people from both external and internal enemies. The trained guardians are divided into two groups depending on their abilities. One of the two divided group was called auxiliaries. Those in this group correspond to policies and enforced rules of the rulers. Auxiliaries are ambitious, assertive, and desire honor.     The third group retains its highest title as the guardians. Members in this group are the ultimate rulers of the state. This group is distinguished by their intelligence and philosophical wisdom. The jobs for member of this group were to establish laws and policies for citizen to obey. The guardians represented reason. Bottom of Form
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